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We were approached by a couple in Brackley who at the time was looking for an alternative heating system for their home. After researching and ruling out heat pumps, gas and other heating systems they came across our Jigsaw Made in Britain infrared heating panels. After discussing with our infrared specialists which panels they wanted in their home. They decided to bespoke a few to make their rooms aesthetically pleasing…

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infrared heating panels UK

Bespoke – Infrared Heating Panels UK

Our Infrared heating panels have been installed in their home since May 2022. After visiting with them, in January 2023 they are still loving everything about them.

However, don’t take our word for it. Take theirs. With a kindly written statement about their experience with our infrared heating panels. They said

“We had a long debate regarding the best way to heat our home going forward, we quickly ruled out the conventional gas route for personal reasons. The next stage was to look for alternative methods of heating and again after much discussion ruled out heat source air pumps, although this was repeatedly recommended by various experts.

The house when purchased was all electric with floor and ceiling heating with the ceiling heating long expiring hence the need for alternative heating. The advantage for us was the concept of the freedom of furniture placement which we enjoyed with our original heating system which then led us into researching ways to achieve this.

Further research opened up a concept that we never considered which was infrared heating we then sought further information which was very scarce, we researched further and found several companies which supplied this technology and after contacting and visiting Jigsaw solutions decided that this technology was the correct solution for us.”

Initial Consultation

Tailored Infrared Installation

Each of the images shown on this page is taken from the Home. The customer went for a range of Aluminium, glass, and mirror to go with their decor.

Our range of glass and mirror Made in Britain Infrared Heaters is a great way to style your home tailored to you. Go all out and double up on a mirror and a heater or pick any colour to match your decor. You could be looking for an elegant way to warm your living room or bathroom as a work of art with any solid colour or even print any image to make it more personalised. Or stick to a plain white aluminium ceiling panel to seamlessly blend your heating leaving lots of wall space.

They added ” We find the quality and aesthetics of our glass panels to be extremely high, the colour which we eventually chose was exactly as specified although we do realise that we are locked into a colour scheme with the colour we’ve chosen and may have to change with decoration, maybe in future go for a more neutral colour or artwork style, time will tell.

The mirror panels are still a talking point amongst family and friends and aesthetically we are extremely pleased and, I think in hindsight, especially in the bedrooms would have had more installed instead of the ceiling panels.

As previously mentioned when sourcing infrared heating we were very keen to invest into British companies and technology, this we felt would also give us the service and the ability to control progress through each stage of the project.”

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Infrared Installation

12 infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation.

Garage Conversion: 2x 400W Aluminium Panel

Utility: 1x 400W Aluminium Panel

Living Room: 2x 100W Sirius Bespoke Round edge- Mustard

Downstairs Bathroom: 1x 400W Sirius Mirror square edge

Hall: 1x 800W Sirius Mirror Square Edge

Bedroom 1: 1x 800W Aluminium Panel

Bedroom 2: 1x 800W Aluminium Panel

Bedroom 3: 1x 400W Aluminium Panel

Landing: 1x 400W Aluminium panel

Upstairs Bathroom: 1x 400W Sirius Mirror Square Edge

Mirror infrared heating panels
Glass infrared heaters

Benefits of Infrared Heating

When you’re renovating your home, or building a new one, you want to be sure that you’re going to get the most out of your new space. That’s why we offer our infrared heating systems with a number of optional features to ensure that your property is as energy-efficient and comfortable as possible.

Our infrared heating system can also be combined with a number of optional features. These include thermostats with touchscreen and remote controls to enable you to adjust the temperature of the room from the comfort of your sofa.

We tailor each installation to your room. We will advise you during the quotation what your requirements will be and how we can help you get the best use out of your heating system.

To deliver energy efficiency, reliability and a high level of comforting heat to every part of the apartment, Jigsaw’s infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

Unrivalled durability
Lightweight and long-lasting
Made in Britain to deliver best-in-class performance heating a room from 14-21 degrees in less than 20 minutes
Put the heat where it’s needed quickly and economically
Always secure with a rivet free design
Made to work all over the home
Slim and stylish that works with any decor style

A major benefit of our infrared technology is how fast it will warm your rooms. You will quickly feel the warmth by heating a room from 14-21 degrees in less than 20 minutes! Infrared does not warm the surrounding air, rather they heat the person and the surfaces within the room making them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly when it comes to heating the indoor space.