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Antares Mirror 1500w Infrared heaters



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Don't be frightened to turn on the heating.

Enjoy a consistent, comfortable warmth throughout your home.

Whenever you need it.


Imagine the feeling of a heat that warms you first. Like putting your face up to the warm sun.

No stuffy air, just comfortable, enveloping warmth. A big, warm hug.


Individual control. Room by room.

Efficiency and comfort at your fingertips.

A system that's right for you.

Infrared Heaters

Aluminium Infrared Heaters

400W, 800W & 1200W

Wall, ceiling or suspended ceiling.

SMART or traditional controls

Glass Infrared Heaters

400W, 800W, 1000W & 1500W for wall.

Coloured glass. 4 Different Shapes.

SMART or traditional controls

Mirror Infrared Heaters

400W, 800W, 1000W & 1500W for wall.

Mirror. 4 Different Shapes.

SMART or traditional controls

Power Infrared Heaters

For wall or ceiling.

Indoor or Outdoor (IP55)

SMART or traditional controls

Genius Hub Heating Controls

Genius Hub Smart Controls

Save 30% on your energy bills

Heat only rooms that are in use

Remotely control from your mobile

Always at the right temperature

Hot Water

Mixergy SMART Hot Water Cylinders


Don’t waste energy, time and money heating water you don’t need!

Soltaro Battery Storage Solution

Soltaro Battery Storage Solution

Energy Storage Solutions for home and business. Soltaro battery storage is the innovative, safe and efficient way to store excess solar. Battery storage that performs as good as it looks.



Wall-Mounted Ventilators

Wall-mounted ventilators

Efficient and flexible solutions for modern ventilation concepts.

Additional functions like pollen or fine dust filters, high level of heat recovery and intelligent humidity control.




Great product and service! Very helpful company going the extra mile to make sure the product is right for you. High quality heating that work well. Great service and great product. Thanks!
Alex Jenman
A very neat installation. The electrical installer was efficient and cleaned up when finished, leaving the rooms as clean and as tidy as when he arrived. The panels are superb and provide a nice, warm 'glow' to the rooms. Highly recommended products and installation.
David Stringer
Brilliant customer service. You couldn’t ask for better. Great products.
Conservatory heating We recently had an infrared heater installed in our conservatory, this replaced two oil filled radiators. The service we had off Matt and the team was first class,the conservatory is now heated within a few minutes and our heating bill is a lot lower. I can highly recommend Jigsaw,first class service and products
Mr. Shuck
FIRST CLASS Pleasant and helpful staff who got on with the job. Fully explained the way in which the heaters work and left an instruction manual to assist me. Told me to telephone them if I ever had any problems. Left the house neat and tidy having fitted good quality heating. Would fully recommend this company.
Brian Green

A family company using British made heaters. We replaced our Storage Heaters with their infrared radiators and the difference in our high-ceilinged apartment has been huge. These radiators run off a WiFi control system and are so responsive, instantly providing heat, and are incredibly easy and flexible to program and to override. Entire process was smooth, and the installers were really professional, helpful and efficient.

Rachel Wren

A Huge Difference!

I live in a flat converted from a Victorian convent school and double-height ceilings, which was hugely expensive using the electric heaters that were there before. Jigsaw calculated the best solutions for each room and I am really happy with the feeling of warmth that was just not possible a year ago. The products are beautiful and well-made and controlling them all is very easy. The correspondence and after-sales care has been excellent too. I am very happy that I went to Jigsaw.

Barney H

Double Height Solutions!

Really positive, ordering and payment was easy. Communication was very clear and timely. The heater is exceptionally good, we have put it in the conservatory and it is more than adequate. Would highly recommend.


Really positive - would definitely recommend

I have a 400W white ceiling IR panel installed on the bathroom ceiling. The feeling of warmth is great in the bathroom for targeted heating when you need it most. It is easy to control and is only on when needed. This is a great complimentary heat source and in hind sight I should definitely have thought about using this technology in some other areas of the home as well.


Fantastic product at a great price.
I needed a heater for a very cold room and turned to Solutions by Jigsaw. They professionally advised me on suitability and I have been using an overhead heater for the past few weeks.
I would highly recommend them.

Mohammed Bostan

Fantastic product at a great price

SMART Heating Controls