Step out of the Shade and into the Sun

INFRARED HEATING - The efficient, greener and comfortable heating system. Made in the UK. Install in homes, businesses and commercial properties. Making your home feel warm.

Exeter barn conversion case study infrared heating

10-year guarantee on our Aluminium and Glass heaters

Available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes

Expert help to design your heating system

Professional installation available

Made in Britain and tested to high EN safety standards

Do you know how infrared heating works? Let's tell you.

Unlike 'normal' convection heating, infrared warms the surfaces and the people in the room first. This is more efficient and more natural as it replicates how we feel when we're in the sun.

Where to use Infrared Heating

Living Room

Warm, comfortable and clean heating for one of the most used spaces in the home


Choose from a wide variety of heated, mist free mirrors to heat your bathroom to the perfect temperature


Be more comfortable whilst you cook. Reducing moisture and smells in the air

Dining Room

Improve the design of your dining room space with our printed heaters.

Patio and Garden Office Heating

Extend the use of your patios and outdoor spaces with our high power range. Pleasant heat all year round.

Home & Small Office Heating

Heat your home office and businesses with efficient Infrared Heaters. Controlled by an app to reduce energy wastage.

Conservatory & Log Cabins

Heat your conservatory quickly for when you want it. Have a useable room all year round.

Commercial Building

Large spaces can be difficult to heat. With our range of high power heaters and controls, jigsaw can heat any space.

Religious Buildings

Take full control of heating your space room by room. Warm up the rooms faster and avoid wasting electricity.


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Who Are Jigsaw?

Our Infrared Heaters are more energy-efficient, greener and smarter than traditional heaters. They require no water, no gas and no maintenance, making them the perfect choice.

Jigsaw Infrared are a family business based right here in the UK, we care about our products and our customers, ensuring every install exceeds your expectations.

If you have convection, storage, underfloor heating or even patio heaters, infrared heating could help you make savings on your current bills.

Jigsaw Infrared offer a full service from quotation to installation. Saving you time and money!


A family company using British made heaters. We replaced our Storage Heaters with their infrared radiators and the difference in our high-ceilinged apartment has been huge.

These radiators run off a WiFi control system and are so responsive, instantly providing heat, and are incredibly easy and flexible to program and to override. Entire process was smooth, and the installers were really professional, helpful and efficient.

Aluminium Panel

Rachel W

Matt was very helpful and provided a clear and thorough understanding of how the heaters worked and which ones would be suitable for my home.

The installation was meticulous and their time keeping spot on with the heaters which have now become a feature within the home and talked about by all the friends and neighbours who visit.
Excellent pre-installation and follow up service.

Pegasi Mirror 1500w Infrared Heater

Sutton Coldfield - West Midlands

Reasons to buy from Jigsaw

Product Guidance  |  Free UK Delivery  |  Easy Installation  |  Technical Support

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Jigsaw Infrared Made In Britain

Our Best Selling Products

Aluminium Infrared Heater

Ceiling and Wall Mounted

400w, 800w and 1200w

From £395

 Printed Glass Infrared Heater

Wall Mounted

 400w, 800w, 1000w and 1500w

From £600

Mirror Infrared Heater

Wall Mounted

 400w, 800w, 1000w and 1500w

 From £800

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