Your Smart Whole House Solution

Say goodbye to expensive bills with Jigsaw’s solutions. With the current energy price cap jigsaws intelligent smart whole home solution will help your property adapt to your everyday requirements while saving you money. Our range of low carbon products from Infrared heating panels, hot water, solar PV, and battery will help you achieve an ultra-high energy efficient NetZero home.

Our solutions put you in control. Complete the Jigsaw and see how much you can save.

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating like no other. Heat any space efficiently within 10 minutes.

Water Heating

An intelligent hot water system that heats what you need 5x faster.

Solar PV

Generate Clean, Green electricity and control how you use it.

Control Systems

Be in control of your heating by controlling each room individually for high efficiency.


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kg/CO2 Reduction


Potential Savings

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