Church Heating – Problems / Solutions

Church Heating

Churches are difficult buildings to heat. An understatement perhaps, church heating is a challenge to most. Old buildings, huge spaces, poor or no insulation. People sitting still. Not a great combination. Many churches are using ancient boilers together with a radiator based system of some description. This is both difficult to maintain and hugely expensive…

Replace Storage Heaters with a Modern, Efficient Solution

replace storage heaters

Can you accurately forecast the weather? If not, that’s one reason to replace storage heaters. Do you want to heat your house when it’s already too warm? No? There’s another reason to replace storage heaters. Do you like taking up valuable wall space with ugly big white boxes? No? … you get the idea. Storage…

Infrared Heating Case Study – Apartment

Infrared Heating Case Study

Nobody tells it better than previous customers. This is the latest in our Infrared Heating Case Study series. Let’s begin with the headline from our customer’s review.   Fantastic Product We have just had 7 radiators installed in our Spanish property…   Property Details North Facing Previously heating with air conditioning and oil filled radiators….

Get Rid Of Black Spot Mould

get rid of black spot mould

The Simple way to get rid of black spot mould I think’ve we’ve all seen black spot mould like this in our homes. Particularly the bathroom. I bet you’re also fed up with spraying mould and mildew remover. Read more to learn how to reduce or get rid of black spot mould in the home….

Heating With No Mains Gas

heating with no mains gas

What are the heating options if you have no mains gas? What if you have no mains gas available to you, what alternatives are there to heating with no mains gas? According to the LSOA, at the end of 2018 there were 3.95 million households in the UK with access to mains gas. What is…

Butt Ugly Radiators. You’ve got them.

ugly radiators

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, but…. Hands up who’s in love with their ugly radiators? Yeah, that’s right, the ugly white box strapped to your wall. Uh huh, the ones that get in the way of where you want to put your furniture. Those butt ugly radiators that…

Can Infrared Heaters Run All The Time?

Can Infrared Heaters Run All The Time

We’ve been brought up on convection heating and we’ve been conditioned that electric heating (all electric heating) is bad and expensive. It’s not. Convection heat and infrared heat are different beasts. It’s important to understand the difference. Click here to brush up on What is the difference between convection and infrared heat? One of the…

Kitchen Flooring Options that Will Stand the Test of Time

kitchen flooring

The floors in our homes experience a lot of wear and tear over time. This is especially true for kitchen flooring that, aside from heavy foot traffic, are exposed to food and liquid spills, stains, heat and dropped utensils. Aside from these, the kitchen floors often get dirty with rouge food particles and other similar…

You Want a Quote for Infrared Heating

Quote for Infrared heating

You’ve reached the point where you’d like an idea of how much infrared heating will cost you to install. You need a quote for infrared heating. You’ll find some more information about the step by step process we follow on a previous post. For us to prepare an idea of price for you, we will…

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