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world earth day

On Earth Day 2022 it is humbling to take stock of where we are as a civilisation. When we look at how the planet has changed over the last 150 years it is clear that humanity has taken a toll. But, there is now positivity in the move to green technologies to reduce and reverse the damage that we have caused.


As a child of the 1990s, I remember studying the harm that CFC's were causing the Ozone layer. Within years of discovering the problem, a movement grew to find ways of removing the CFS's from packaging, aerosols and other products. As time went on it became evident with our interaction the Ozone layer had the opportunity to heal itself.

World earth day 2022

In the 21st century, we are now faced with another planetary crisis. Again, this has dire consequences for all living creatures on the earth. We have been presented with a clear target of reducing temperature increases by 1.5º. To fail in this pursuit is not an option. The amount of carbon that we all emit daily has to reduce dramatically. We are seeing clear evidence of the changing climate with ice caps melting, glaziers retreating, increased yearly averages in temperature, more powerful storms and freak weather events across the world. Simply put, if we keep putting energy into the environment that energy must manifest into something.


The cost of this is not only the damage to our homes but the epidemic levels of change that happen to people across the globe. In the warmest areas droughts increase, crops fail and migration of people increases. Therefore, the strain of maintaining life is passed on to the next country or continent. As a wealthy nation, we have the power and the finance to make world-changing decisions to put this right.


In response, we are seeing that science, engineering ingenuity, and people power are leading the way for change. The UK Government has taken steps to reduce the carbon emissions from all areas of our lives. COP26 cemented an agreement that most of the nations will reach targets for Net Zero between 2040-and 2060. What we are seeing is the coming together of cultures and Governments to reduce and eventually cut out carbon emissions into the atmosphere. I truly believe that this is not only possible, but it will be possible before these dates. Why? Because we will demand more of the Governments and businesses sooner.

world earth day

Building a carbon-free future with Jigsaw

Jigsaw is already seeing this in the request for information on where we source our own products and materials. We are also being questioned about the energy-efficient nature of what Jigsaw is and how we operate. Jigsaw is proud to be involved in steps to reduce carbon emissions from commercial and domestic properties across the UK and Europe.


We are achieving this by:

  • Redesigning and inventing heating systems which reduce the need for fossil fuels.
  • Testing and developing ways of running our heating and hot water from renewable sources.
  • Manufacturing locally with closely sourced materials.
  • Manufacturing products with a long working life.
  • Only heating rooms are being used.
  • Converting religious buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, council buildings etc from gas to cleaner electric heating and renewable sources.
  • Manufacturing products which can be recycled at the end of their working life.
  • Being a sustainable company.
  • Educating companies and people on being less reliant on fossil fuels.

Click here to find out more about how we are a green business.

Build your own net zero home

It all starts with questions. We can build a carbon Net Positive home now! Challenge your home and commercial builders to be better for the environment. Moreover, a few solar panels on a roof as a tick box exercise is not going to do this. We should be asking what is the maximum we can put on that roof? How do we reduce our reliance on gas? How can we insulate our homes more? Where are you sourcing your materials from?


We're on a great journey to reach Net-Zero. It can be scary and overwhelming. This is when humanity is at its best when we are challenged. It will take everyone to do their utmost. Join in, help out, adapt, be inventive, recycle, reuse, be inspirational and we will make a change.


The children that will inherit the earth need it to be habitable and prosperous. There is no "Planet B".


"Because a green future is a prosperous future." www.


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