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Where should Infrared heaters be placed?

Just converted your traditional heating to Infrared heating panels?

Selecting where to install your Infrared heaters can come across as baffling. Even though it does take a little bit more consideration than your traditional heaters. It is quite simple once you understand how they work. Below explains the most cost effective, beneficial, and aesthetically pleasing place for your Infrared heaters to be installed to ensure you get the most out of them.

The placement of Infrared heating panels

Traditional heaters aren’t the same. Don’t get confused with where your old heater was placed. The heating transfer process is different. In fact, infrared heating warms us up quicker by directly heating the surface. in fact it is only within 3 minutes. Therefore, creating less heat loss compared to traditional heaters which, are designed to warm the air up by circulating through a specific area. In simple terms, it is like being in the sun vs the shade. This is the main reason why Infrared heaters are so cost effective because they turn all the electricity they use into heat. Consequently, because Infrared heating is so direct it must be directed to be installed in the right place.

Why can’t Infrared heaters be placed below windows like traditional heaters?

Traditional heaters like radiators in the twentieth century were best placed in the coldest part of the room which, is why they are placed under windows so the heat can rise. However, now we are in the 21st century, heating has improved drastically. On account of, if Infrared heaters were placed in the same place as traditional heaters any objects in the way would end up being the focus point rather than the intended area. making it less efficient reducing the warmth of the room. As a result, Jigsaw Infrared recommends the Infrared panels to be wall or ceiling mounted.

Is there a specific place on the wall? If you want optimal heat capacity which is equally cost effective.

Ceiling mounted Infrared heaters

Aluminium Ceiling mounted Infrared heaters

If you’re new to this heating method. You may be questioning why heating should be mounted on a ceiling. After all, this is the ideal place to locate your infrared heating. Infrared is just like any heating it gets exceptionally hot. Ensuring they’re on the ceiling makes them a lot safer.

Why wall mounting?. Pointing the infrared panels down onto the ground (where the heat is needed most) guarantees a range of focus points as the heat gets distributed evenly. Meaning fewer panels will be required. In addition, facing the Infrared panels towards the ground verifies that there will be a minimal amount of heat transferring out of the windows. This is due to the fact that the heat isn’t directly facing the glass. Compared to traditional heaters where 30-35% of heat is lost through the roof, and 18-25% through the wall. Infrared heating will not pass-through building material because the Infrared wavelengths are too opaque. Accordingly, by placing an infrared panel on a wall, more heat will be conducted into the room so the heat can be absorbed into the objects.

Best location for specific Infrared heaters

Aluminium ceiling mounted bedroom photo

Less room is required. infrared heaters have a slimline structure allowing you to maximise living space. For example, our 800W aluminium heaters will heat 10-18m². Therefore, most rooms will only require one heater allowing you to save money by reducing the number of panels you need to buy. Comparatively, it all depends on the focus points in the room you might not just want one 1200W heater in the middle of the ceiling. You may want two smaller Infrared heaters to distribute specific points in the room.

In terms of the best place on the ceiling for optimal heating. It is entirely up to you. If you place the infrared heater panels near a warmer inside wall and direct the output towards a cooler outside wall. It will generate the heat towards it, allowing you to have efficient even heating. In addition, installing a Jigsaw SMART Infrared heating control system will allow you to control your heating through your phone and you can see just how effective Infrared panels really are.

Jigsaw Infrared heating panels

Keep yourself warm while you’re working. As the aluminium panels are so slimline and weight free; the 400W and 800W panels are designed to fit perfectly while blending into suspended ceilings. Allowing more room for your paperwork!. Unfortunately, Jigsaw Infrared only recommend the Aluminium infrared heaters to be on the ceiling as our glass and mirror heaters are designed to be focal pieces of the room.

Put more money back in your pocket?. Placement has an impact on how effective the heaters will be. In terms of glass and mirror heaters at Jigsaw Infrared we suggest that they should be placed at picture height. This is just for safety precautions as you would with any heated objects.

Placement of Jigsaw Infrared's Mirrored heating panels

If you would like a quote on the best place to put your Infrared heating panels from our team at Jigsaw Infrared contact us at 0121 794 2081.

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