What are Infrared Heating Mats?

Heat Mats

Invisible, Pleasant & Healthy Heating

Infrared Heating mats are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why.  With no visible heaters taking up space in your home, you can still heat your home efficiently and save money on your heating, whilst benefitting from a cleaner, healthier home.

Our infrared heating mats are an entirely new way of heating. It is not just economical, secure, flexible and comfortable – it is also unobtrusive. Constructed of ultra-thin graphite heating foils, it can be installed easily; virtually vanishing under the floor, behind the wallpaper or beneath the ceiling. Conventional heating, taking up lots of space, is a thing of the past with this new technology, that will eventually make these older heating methods obsolete. Our heating mats will also work if it is cut, ripped, and has holes in.

Your solution is perfectly tailored to your home. Each room is measured for the correct amount of heating mats required. The mats are then connected to a transformer and thermostat to give you total control.

Infrared Heat Mats

Why Infrared Heating Mats

  • It is the flexible Future of Heating
  • The Low Cost, High Energy heating solution
  • Providing Low Voltage Heating from 12 volt to 48 volt, dependent on application, DC or AC
  • With a Healthy Heat from Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  • Providing incredibly rapid warm-up times
  • Simple insulation
  • Can be part of a renewable energy solution using heat from Solar Panels
  • Ability to Zone each room for maximum heating cost efficiency
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Come with a 15 year warranty

Infrared Heat MatsBenefits over Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

Our heat mats can be installed very easily under carpet, flooring and tiles. There is no need to worry about damaging the carbon mat as it is made out of very strong resilient materials which can still work after being ripped (If you can rip it), cut or if someone has put a hole in it. The hole can be quite large and will still continue to function normally.

Wire and Pipe Underfloor Heating

With a wire or piped water based system, the installation needs to be carried out at construction stage and requires a screeded floor to make use of thermal mass. Radiant heat is felt by the user as opposed to the air being heated first. This is particularly good for high ceiling areas where heat is not required above 2m.

Radiant heat is instantaneous, however the floor screed has a lag period therefore in winter months it is advisable to have a setback temperature to maintain screed thermal mass being of a temperature where it can respond to the room if required.

This can add increased running costs.

There is also a worry on the fragility of the piping or the wire mesh. If the pipe or wire is damaged, the heating will stop working and can cause a hazard or a leak.

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