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Can Infrared Heaters Run All The Time?

Can Infrared Heaters Run All The Time

We’ve been brought up on convection heating and we’ve been conditioned that electric heating (all electric heating) is bad and expensive. It’s not. Convection heat and infrared heat are different beasts. It’s important to understand the difference. Click here to brush up on What is the difference between convection and infrared heat? One of the…

Controlling Infrared Heater Panels

Controlling Infrared Heater Panels

Infrared heating is an efficient form of heating suitable for both domestic and commercial heating requirements. China manufactures most of the infrared heaters sold in the UK. At Jigsaw we manufacture in the UK. The companies supplying the infrared heaters often use the cheapest control systems they can. This is the wrong approach. We understand…

How do Infrared Heaters work?

how do infrared heaters work

As a leading manufacturer of smart infrared heaters, we get asked a lot of questions relating to the technology. We are always happy to answer questions to help our customers understand the technology. Infrared heating could provide a much more efficient and cost effective way to heat your home. Here’s the basics.    How does…

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