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Replace Storage Heaters with a Modern, Efficient Solution

replace storage heaters

Can you accurately forecast the weather? If not, that’s one reason to replace storage heaters. Do you want to heat your house when it’s already too warm? No? There’s another reason to replace storage heaters. Do you like taking up valuable wall space with ugly big white boxes? No? … you get the idea. Storage…

Heating With No Mains Gas

heating with no mains gas

What are the heating options if you have no mains gas? What if you have no mains gas available to you, what alternatives are there to heating with no mains gas? According to the LSOA, at the end of 2018 there were 3.95 million households in the UK with access to mains gas. What is…

Butt Ugly Radiators. You’ve got them.

ugly radiators

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, but…. Hands up who’s in love with their ugly radiators? Yeah, that’s right, the ugly white box strapped to your wall. Uh huh, the ones that get in the way of where you want to put your furniture. Those butt ugly radiators that…

Controlling Infrared Heater Panels

Controlling Infrared Heater Panels

Infrared heating is an efficient form of heating suitable for both domestic and commercial heating requirements. China manufactures most of the infrared heaters sold in the UK. At Jigsaw we manufacture in the UK. The companies supplying the infrared heaters often use the cheapest control systems they can. This is the wrong approach. We understand…

Does Infrared Heating Save Money?

Do Infrared Heating Panels Save Money

 How Energy Efficient are Infrared Heaters? The question we are asked most often is always “Does Infrared Heating Save Money?” Every home owner would like to save money on their heating. We are happy to report that in most cases, infrared heating can save you money. However, it is important to be realistic and to…

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