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Genius Hub Data Sheets

Genius Hub Wiring Diagrams

Please note that all electrical work should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Fuse spurs should be installed to isolate the heater for maintenance and safety.

The powered thermostat can control up to 16amps of heaters. The thermostat can also control underfloor heating with an additional wired probe *Supplied separately.

Please note that the Electric Switch needs either the Wireless Thermostat or Room Sensor to monitor air temperature. Both sold separately.

Product & Manufacturing Quality

Here at Jigsaw Infrared we decided to manufacture our own infrared heaters right here in Britain. We believe that by doing this we can provide a high quality product at a fair price. We want to take pride in our products because we care and we want you to get the quality you expect and the quality you pay for. It is very important to us to know that we can solve your heating problem and that we do so using a product in which we have complete confidence.

The only way we felt that we could do this was to have complete control, meaning manufacturing our own heaters. Now we have complete accountability and complete pride in our heaters.

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