As a Jigsaw Infrared Professional Network member, you will receive full product support to enable you to market and sell infrared heaters successfully and confidently through your own business.  To help you further we offer free advice on measurements and wattages required for an installation as well as tips and guidance on integration with the latest thermostats to maximise the panels efficiency. All of this, topped off with a host of promotional materials to really help you push Infrared Heating forwards for your business.

Jigsaw Infrared Heating Solutions are the leading manufacturer of Infrared Heating Panels in the UK. We understand that there is a need to support both our customers and the trades.

We do this by offering:

• High quality heaters with warranties of up to 10 years
• A large range of products to suit any building or space
• Customisable products with an endless range of colours and images to use
• Combinations of the best thermostats
• Guidance on the most efficient use of our heaters

Joining our Professional Network

To join our professional network, please complete your details in the form below. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 48 hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 0121 794 2081 or email us at