Wall and Ceiling Infrared Heating


Works throughout the building.

A healthy room climate creates comfortable warmth from the wall or ceiling which radiates to walls, surfaces and floors.

  1. Low investment and operating costs.
  2. Low installation height with 0.4 mm thick heating foils
  3. Perforation for secure adhesion & flexible installation in the ceiling
  4. Safe connection thanks to the E-NERGY CARBON transformer with 36 V safety extra-low voltage (SELV)

The options below are for DIY kits. For your larger or more complex projects please contact us for a detailed specification & pricing.

This system has been tried and tested over a 6 year period with 100,000 linear metres fitted to date. It has CE approval, is TUV tested and has undergone stringent testing including a 2 year study conducted by Stuttgart University where is was proven to be far more economical than other solutions such as air source heat pumps.

wall and ceiling infrared heating
Wall and Ceiling Infrared Heating
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