Battery Solution

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Battery Solution

  • 10 year battery warranty
  • Available in 5kWh
  • Optimises the cheapest time to capture grid electricity
  • Expandable, to grow with you
  • Decreasing your dependency on the electricity grid
  • Seamless Switchover to keep you powered during outstages
  • Intelligently control what you want and when you want it
  • Local & remote monitoring
  • Seamless Blackout Protection
  • Simple installation
  • Can be used on a 3-phase supply
  • Available in AC and DC coupled battery systems with solar PV.

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Optimum control of how you use your stored energy

This battery system comes with many features as standard, including a 10-year battery warranty, and 5 years on your inverter and controller. They’re built to last, making your home energy needs more sustainable at a lower cost.

The flexible battery storage systems are an easy addition to your existing PV array or an integral part of a new install. The range of batteries and inverters are interchangeable depending on the system size you need so we always have a solution to suit your home.

With standalone Solar PV systems, if you don’t use the power, you lose it. Your system has no way to hold or store the power, and it’s likely you will subsequently purchase back the power your system exported to the grid earlier in the day when the sun was shining.

With a battery, you can still use your “free”, generated power as you normally would. The Battery system only stores the excess you don’t use. Rather than sending it back to the grid, you store it for use later in the day or night, when you actually need it. Lower bills, less grid dependency and more control.

Building our systems with flexibility and ease of use of mind, regardless of home size, position or existing PV array. We have a system or battery to work for every home.

The systems can be positioned in or outdoors and can be remotely monitored via our app or on the front of the unit itself. You’ll always be in control of your system’s performance and see when you’re generating, storing or using your power.

Energy prices are rising rapidly and although we can’t predict the future, we understand that investing in affordable, renewable technology, is the easiest way to protect your household from rising costs, whilst “doing your bit” for the environment.

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How does it work?

During the day, while the sun is shining, your PV panels collect DC energy, sending it to your inverter. Your inverter converts the energy to AC for use in your home. At night when your panels are no longer collecting solar energy, you can use the stored energy from your battery to power your home’s devices. It’s as simple as that.

Designed and engineered for the harshest weather conditions and climate, the batteries and inverters are built to the highest standards, without compromising on safety, durability, components or technology

You can keep track of this via your phone so you have full control from anywhere in the world. This will enable you to choose where your stored power goes around the home!

Go Green. Without Solar

You can charge the battery using cheaper overnight electricity tariffs, and use this stored electricity during expensive periods, saving you money without any solar!

Enabling you to complete your own energy ecosystem and become reliant on electricity supplied from the grid. Giving you a chance to not worry about turning the lights off or watching the TV.

Combined with our infrared heating system you can reduce your energy bills significantly. Even over gas!

Reduce your carbon footprint today!

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