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  • AEROPAC® sound insulated ventilators direct fresh air into your home.
  • Simple through the wall plug and play installation
  • Optimum sound absorption of 50dB for peace and quiet and a healthy sleep
  • Onboard control and LCD display with airflow settings and programmable timer.
  • Supplies up to 180m³/h of fresh air
  • Whisper quiet in operation 20dB @ 60m³/h
  • Energy efficient – 5watts @ 60m³/h
  • 3 optional filters: (pollen, coarse dust, activated carbon/NOx)

Do you live in an area where noise or air pollution affect your sleep, working or general wellbeing?  Most of the housing stock in the UK is affected in some way or other and consequently, homeowners often choose to keep windows shut to keep the noise or air pollution out. This has an adverse effect on the air quality in our homes, particularly in new homes which are highly insulated and sealed. AEROPAC® is intended to be used in the rooms where you spend most of your time, i.e. in the bedrooms to help sleep and in the home office or living room. It provides a constant supply of fresh air at volumes up to 180m³/h with perfect sound insulation. Optional filters include pollen and active carbon/NOx to filter our unwanted pollutants.

Installing AEROPAC® in your home provides the ventilation and air movement of an open window but without the by-products of noise and air pollution.



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