Power For Your Home

Power For Your Home

Electricity is for most of us, something we take for granted and we all moan about when every year our bills rise.


Over the last 2 decades renewable technology has vastly improved. Bringing with it cost efficiencies and greatly improved performance.

Are you considering Solar?

You may be considering investing in and powering your home with solar panels, or, you may already have Solar PV installed in your home. Either way, by investing in a Battery Storage System takes your initial investment to the next level. Unlocking the potential from all the generated solar power.


By just having a standalone Solar PV system, if you don't use the power, you lose it. Your system has no way to hold or store the power. It is likely you will subsequently purchase back the power your system exported to the grid earlier in the day when the sun was shining.

Power For Your Home

A simple addition of a storage battery can save a vast amount on your energy bills

Furthermore, with a simple addition of a storage battery this will allow you to power your home or business day or night. It stores your excess, unused generated power, for use at a time that suits your lifestyle. Lower bills, less grid dependency and more control.

Soltaro Battery Storage Solution

What Jigsaw recommend

Here at Jigsaw, we recommend the Soltaro Battery Storage Solution. It can be used both on-grid and off-grid. In addition it is also capable of being used for an on-grid battery backup. Giving the ultimate flexibility for homes and small businesses who need to ensure they don't lose power when it matters most. As the battery incorporates MPPT technology, it will always allow you to get the best out of your solar PV system. To find out more about the Soltaro Battery click here.


Powering your home with clean renewable energy has never mattered more.

Battery on exterior of property

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