Modern Apartment Replace Electric Heaters with Jigsaw Infrared Heaters

Apartment replace electric heaters with infrared

Infrared Heating Energy Saving Potential

The owners of an apartment on the south coast of England contacted us at Jigsaw and asked us to provide our infrared heating to replace their outdated and low efficient electric heaters.

The process involved us using the measurements of the apartment to equate each room with a required wattage of heater. This is combined with levels of the insulation and weather data.

The clients decided to choose a range of glass heaters to decorate their apartment as they wanted the heaters to become a focal point of the apartment. The heaters were to be controlled by the Smart thermostat range in each of the rooms.

Tailored Infrared Installation

All of the images on this blog are taken from the recent installation. The image below is an example of the range of heaters that we have to offer.

Modern apartment replace electric heaters with infrared heaters

Below, the client decided that he wanted to balance the room with two of our glass heaters at a high level. Both of these heaters are available in a range of colours and wattages. They also can be combined with a number of options of thermostats to enable you to adjust the temperature of the room from the comfort of your sofa.

We tailor each installation to your room. We will advise you during the quotation what your requirements will be. Click here to see the equation for calculating this.

The whole heating system was replaced by the owner with support from the Jigsaw team.



Apartment replaces electric heaters with infrared


The clients have fed back to us that they leave the rooms on a lower temperature when they are not using them, 18º. When they are using the living room, for example, they set the temperature to 20º-21º. This gives them the perfect warm room for sitting comfortably on a winter's evening and relaxing.

Energy Saving Result

Our client recently contacted us with some information on how the heating system was performing. We were taken aback on how much of a difference the heating system made when comparing it to their neighbours electric heating system. The neighbours apartments are in the same block, same construction and similar footprint.

"Several of the apartment owners have shown an interest in the heating system and were shocked when I told them how much my electric bill was compared to theirs - £81 per month compared to a range of £189 to £302!!! Over the winter period" 

The differences in bills can be equated to a number of reasons:

  1. Infrared heating does not heat the rooms in the same way. The IR heaters aim to heat the fabric of the building and the people in the room first.
  2. The heating response time is very quick, within five minutes for some of our equipment.
  3. With IR heat it is possible to feel warm in a room at lower temperatures. Usually around 19º instead of 21º.
  4. Infrared heating is also subject to lower heat loss as the fabric of the building stores the infrared energy, releasing it evenly. A convection heating system also requires higher wattages to produce the same levels of comfort.

So, not only does the heating look so much more stylish, it also stays warming for longer, feels better and healthier, is controllable in each room and it costs less to run. That's WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN.



His neighbours have now purchased our premium aluminium panels to replace their storage heaters. They were so impressed by the savings that they can make it was an easy decision to make.

The owner of the apartment Steve has now become a Jigsaw team member and is helping customers find the perfect heating solution on the south coast of England.


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