Keeping the Congregation Warm & Comfortable

Keeping the congregation warm and comfortable

As you know, churches are generally cold, badly insulated buildings with a large volume of space to heat. Traditional, convection based heaters are a hugely expensive way to heat this type of space.

We're experts in designing heating solutions for and heating this type of space effectively and with the right controls to make a massive difference to your running costs and the congregation's comfort levels.

Traditional methods of heating have many disadvantages for churches. Often churches need to switch the heating on the day before it is actually needed. What a waste of money!

Other issues can be condensation and mould caused by convection heating systems. Why does this happen? Convection heats the air first which then touches cold surfaces often causing mould and damp.

Keeping the congregation warm & comfortable

Controlling the heating in church buildings is often another big inefficiency, with traditional heating it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to heat zones of the buildings rather than the whole space. This costs a lot of money.

We would like the opportunity to show you how we have helped other churches update their heating so their congregation is warm and comfortable whilst at the same time saving the church significant running costs.

Before we get to that stage though, please read through an example of a church like yours we've already helped.


Keeping the congregation warm & comfortable

Mansfield Road Baptist Church, Nottingham

The Trustpilot review from the church says:

"Jigsaw has just installed an infrared heating system in our church at Mansfield Road Baptist Church in Nottingham. We are very pleased with the outcome even better than we expected.

The company has worked very closely with us from the beginning to the handover. We highly recommend this company. Any church wishing to install this heating system will be welcome to visit us and experience the benefits first hand"

Nottingham Church

Why did the church choose us to solve their heating problems?

The custodians of the church told us the reason Jigsaw won the contract was because of:

  • Clear presentation of the heating requirements
  • Support throughout the decision making process
  • Clear designs of the installation
  • Clear costings for each room
  • A tutorial of the control system at the completion of the installation
  • Staff that cared about process from start to finish
  • Quality products that worked as specified

What does the heating look like?

Keeping the congregation warm & comfortable
Church infrared heating solution
Infrared heating church solution

What were some of the problems the church was experiencing?

The previous gas fired convection system was taking too long to warm the rooms up.

Some rooms never reached temperature in some large areas.

The congregation felt uncomfortable in the colder months.

It was expensive to run.

The heating needed to be turned on the day before a service.

Where did we install better heating?

  • Reception
  • Managers Office
  • Central Corridor
  • Nave (10m+ High Vaulted ceiling)
  • Balcony
  • Vestry Office
  • Parent and Baby Room
  • 3 x Large Meetings Rooms
  • 3 x Bathrooms
Church heating in office

Heater Selection

The team on their first visit knew that the Mid Range of Infrared heaters would be required for the larger spaces.

Our Made in Britain Premium Infrared Panels would be used in the others.

We used our expertise to calculate the requirements of the rooms, the heaters needed, control systems and the installation processes.

Once an initial estimation had been made, the custodians of the church visited one of our previous church installations in the Midlands. This gave them the sense of what the IR heat feels like and how it can quickly warm the space up.

The Installation Process

Due to the size of the installation the incoming feed of power to the church had to be updated. The electrical company were very quick in completing all of their guidelines for this to happen.

Jigsaw worked with the church to advise them on their requirements for the installation. This made it easier to carry out the work.

The whole installation took a team of three electricians, 14 working days to complete. This was mainly because of the number of heaters to install and because of the amount of cabling and additional consumer unit updates or rewiring needed.

The church were impressed at how this was all hidden from view. Our control supplier noted that it was one of the cleanest installations that he had seen.


Using the new heating system

With any new heating and control system it is vital that the people who use it know how to use it.

Without a well engineered system it could cost an extra 20-50% to heat the same space.

As part of our planning we specify that each room is controlled independently. This allows for each room to be set at different temperatures when required.

The clever addition on our system means that this can be controlled in the room, on the app and also by movement in the room.

The system looks for a number of things before turning on the power:

  1. What is the required temperature?
  2. Is the room required to be heated at this time?
  3. Is there anyone in the room?
  4. Can I override this in the room? (Tamper proof maximum temperature settings and time controlled)

Why heat a room if no one is using it?

With our setup you don't need to make that decision. The control system does it for you. This saves energy and gives you confidence that the heating is being used wisely. The system will go to a lower fall back temperature (set by you) when the room is not occupied.

Our training session at the end of the installation helped demonstrate and setup the control system together. The managers of the church were surprised at how simple it was to have all this control in the room, on the computer and on the app.

We approach each church heating requirement with the same level of detail. One size really doesn't fit all, we understand that your church and church buildings have unique requirements.

Let's discuss them.

We can help you fix your heating.

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