Jigsaw Smart Heating Controls

Controlling your heating could not be easier than using SMART heating controls. Control each room independently from anywhere in the world.

Download the App to take full control of your SMART heating

Control your heating from anywhere in the world. Easily set each room to a different temperature whenever you want at the touch of a button. Set a schedule, boost a room, allow manual thermostat control or set the room to heat when someone is in there using it. It's easy and efficient with the app.

SMART Heating Controls


Great idea and easy to use. I have been able to control the heating in each room of my house from my desk, the train or wherever I need to. I found it really easy to use and intuitive. I think the 'boost' option is a brilliant idea. You can hit a button and get the heating to come on in one room for an hour or more to a certain temperature. No more heating the whole house when you just want to stay in one room!


Jane H

Brilliant control over our home heating
Really easy and efficient control over our home heating remotely.


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Scotland RB