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At Jigsaw our mission as a green business goes beyond delivering environmentally sustainable products. Since the business started, we have always improved our sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint as a whole. From the manufacturing production to encouraging our staff to do more themselves from in the office to at home. We are proud to have a ‘green team’ within jigsaw. As we know Investing in our planet is about everybody doing their part – governments, industry, and individuals. Individual action is necessary to stop climate change, but it is not enough.

Invest in Our Planet

This year, EarthDay.org wants to draw everyone’s attention to investing in the Earth. That’s why this earth month our plan as a small business is to help our customers to convert to greener solutions with Jigsaw infrared and other green businesses that we are proud to work with. Being a green business means different things for different companies. The difference is that we want to show you how we are a better alternative company for the future of green heating systems.

Below highlights how we are a green business and how you can be green too by making a sustainable purchase with us.

Manufacturing as a green business

Why we manufacture in the UK

Made in Britain, earth month, green business

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of infrared heating in the UK. We are proud to make our Jigsaw panels in the heart of Britain. Not only does this ensure quality, reliability, and reassurance on every product. But, it also cuts our carbon footprint right down to those mass-produced in countries abroad such as China and India. Choosing a British manufacturer is greener, eco-friendlier, and more beneficial for our economy.

Manufacturing in the UK significantly decreases the mileage our products must travel dramatically lowering our carbon footprint and reducing damage to the environment. We forget about the damage that our purchases cause when they get transported overseas as we don’t see it, but we also forget that this doubles if we need to return it. Shipping is believed to emit around 3 per cent of CO2 emissions. This includes damage to the ozone layer, air and water pollution, as well as affecting ecosystems.

I know that when I buy Made in Britain products not only do I expect good quality, but I feel like I have contributed to reaching the world's net-zero targets because of the reduction in fuel costs. This is what we want our customers to also expect which is why we do what we do.

As a green business, we ensure that our components are sourced in the UK, 95% are manufactured in the UK and the rest are in the EU. We can all make improvements to become the best green business we can be. Therefore, in time we are working on becoming 100% Made in Britain certified with our products to satisfy our customers and the planet.

The Process

We don’t keep anything from our customers. Therefore, below is a list of where our UK products are transported from to our manufacturers in Oldbury.

  • The mirror comes from Scotland and goes down to Liverpool to be pressed with the rest of the components to then be manufactured in Oldbury.
  • Any RAL or Printed glass comes straight from Liverpool with the same process as above.
  • Our most popular heaters, which is the aluminium shell is manufactured half an hour from the warehouse for our team to complete in Oldbury.
  • The only component that is from the EU is our infrared heat mats that come from Germany. However, as we only pick the best materials these mats have the best heating elements to heat any space within minutes.


earth month, green heating system

The theme of “Invest in Our Planet” this earth month is a good reminder to all businesses that it is important to prioritise the planet. We know that buying recyclable packaging can be a little bit on the expensive side. However, we still buy in this packaging as we prioritise the planet.

To help reduce our carbon footprint as a green company. We use completely recyclable packaging including cardboard travel boxes. Which come in different sizes depending on the size of the heaters. To secure this we use recyclable water-based tape (like the one that Amazon uses) which is 100% biodegradable and is made from materials that remain non-toxic. The packaging that we use to keep the panels safe is plastic. However, it is recyclable and can be taken to the tip to be reused. Or once the installation process is complete our installer brings the packaging back to us to be reused where possible. All this packaging supports and protects our panels for transporting safely while still being sustainable for the environment.

Our sustainability doesn’t just stop there. Only premium materials are used to design and make our top of the range infrared heaters. While premium the materials are also environmentally friendly. Starting with aluminium this is known as the ‘green metal’ which can be recycled and recycled again without degrading its components. We then have our mirror and glass panels which provide more environmental benefits. As they can be reused for other glass products reducing CO2 emissions. However, with a 10-year warranty, you won’t need to be recycling this material anytime soon. Although, by then the world should have reached our net-zero target.

Being a green business in the workplace

Focusing on the sustainability of the products is not all we do. Being a green company means commitment throughout a business. The typical office provides lots of opportunities for going green. This earth month we want to show our customers what we do behind the scenes.

What we do

Paperless: no handouts at meetings we use OneNote. We have downloadable PDFs on the website about our products and a Cloud-based system for filing.

Infrared heating: We wouldn’t sell a product that we don’t use ourselves. Using our green heating system in the office, we have an array of heaters that displays our showroom and doubles up on our heating system. For the warehouse to heat our manufacturers, we use our power heaters. These are a great addition to any commercial space or large area.

Solar panels: We are adding solar panels to our office. This will ensure that our office runs carbon positive. Therefore, we will put more electricity into the grid than we use.

Green staff’`: Encourage staff to use mugs, glasses, dishes, and cutlery rather than disposables. It takes just seconds to wash a mug.

Recycling-We keep our tea bags, and fruit to recycle. While making sure there are two clear bins for recycling waste and everyday waste.

Cleaning products: All our cleaning products are eco-friendly.

Technology: Keep our computer equipment updated. Current new computers and monitors are more energy-efficient than those more than a few years old. Therefore, everyone uses up to date MacBook Pros.

Office plants: We make sure that our office has a large plant in it that we water regularly. Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group found that Office plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels by 25%.

Electric vehicles: Our fleet vehicles are all becoming more efficient by moving to electric and/or hybrid motors. This has already started as our Managing Director Matt Billington has already converted to a Tesla.


Why do our products make us a green business?

We can support you with other energy as we offer the full green solution - Mixergy Hot water tanks, Solar and battery. Which can all be combined making us a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all technology that can reduce global warming.

Infrared heating system

Converting to a green heating system like our Infrared heating doesn’t just lower carbon emissions but saves on energy bills and maintenance. This is due to multiple reasons. One is how quick it heats up. This means that the heating will be on for less time, so less heating is needed compared to a conventional heater. In addition to the panels being quicker to warm we use a Smart control system that monitors room occupancy as well as air temperature. Which also controls the panels to only heat a room in use rather than the whole property at once. To do so the smart control motion detectors can automatically turn on when you enter a room for a set amount of time.

Mixergy tank

Changing to an electric boiler can help your household become more eco-friendly. Electric boilers can be more energy-efficient than gas boilers as they lose little heat when generating hot water.

To do so hot water can be delivered up to 5 times faster.  Up to 5-20% savings on hot water bills.  EST verified to reduce gas consumption by up to 21%, and you can get up to 30% more usable hot water.

Solar Panels

Solar is clean, renewable energy and will help you greatly reduce your carbon footprint. The Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Moreover, solar panels can reduce your energy bills by between 15% and 35% and you can earn extra by selling surplus electricity back to the grid. Pairing this with our Soltaro battery storage is a safe and efficient way to store excess solar allowing you to power your home or business day or night.

Earth month is every month at Jigsaw. Want to learn more about what you can do to help the earth? Click here for 52 ways to invest in our planet. Happy earth day!

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