Installation of Jigsaw Infrared Outdoor Heaters

High powered heater

Jigsaw Infrared Heaters in Situ

We were more than happy to supply two of Jigsaw Infrared Outdoor Heaters to one of our trusted and highly recommended installers, Louise Tarling Electrical.

Louise's customer has been busy creating a new space in their garden and wanted some outdoor heating to make the space more usable and comfortable. Louise has recorded her journey of installing the heaters and her knowledge of infrared.

"We’ve installed these 2 Blade infrared heaters to heat the new seating area on our client’s patio before the arrival of their new furniture.

Infrared heaters start to heat as soon as you switch them on, the difference from a halogen heater is that they heat people and objects rather than the space and air making them much more energy efficient, if you look at the picture from the thermal imaging camera you can see what I mean.

The 2 heaters are controlled by a single remote control, 4 heat settings and also a timer function making them very versatile.

Perfect for the cooler evenings when you would like to sit outside and for once it was a pleasure having to carry out the testing afterwards - exterior installations can be hard work in winter and this was a pretty nice reward.

For the nuts and bolts, enabling and cabling works we have used our go-to for outdoor switchgear, Scolmore weatherproof switched fused spurs. We use these as they are superbly made, don’t suffer with UV degradation, have a good amount of space inside for electrical terminations so that the cables don’t have to be squashed or compromised and a nice chunky, flexible gasket on the rear to maintain the units IP rating once fixed in place. These also allow the power supply for each individual heater to be isolated."

thermal image outdoor high powered heater

Thermal imaging camera showing the heat distribution from the infrared heaters

Now we are able to meet up outside has this given you any ideas for your outside space? We have a range of outdoor heaters for you to choose from and we are able to recommend trusted electricians in your area. Heating your outside space couldn't be any easier.

Thermal image of outdoor heater

Louise demonstrating with the thermal imaging camera how the heat is targeting her

For more information on infrared heat and how it works please see our blog How do infrared heaters work?

Installation of high powered outdoor heater

Louise admiring her work

Louise has now been added to our preferred installers list due to her great work. You can find more of our preferred installers on our website.

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