Infrared Heating Characterisation-Source Aston University – ETICC

Aston University – ETICC – Characterisation of Infrared Heating Source

As part of the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Jigsaw and Aston University completed a study to compare three forms of electric heating with our infrared heating panels:

  1. 800w Jigsaw Infrared heater.
  2. 2000w convection heater.
  3. 1560w Storage heater.

Furthermore, the studies aim was to calculate the electrical power consumption, efficiency, and the cost per hour for all three heating systems. These figures would then feed into another test being conducted by EnTRESS at Wolverhampton University.

Click the here to read the study with EnTress - Wolverhampton University.

All three heaters were tested in the same room with the same control system. This ensures comparative data to be gathered. See the written report for a full explanation of the setup of the equipment.


infrared aluminium heater

The study found:

  1. Infrared heating systems can increase the room temperature to 18 C in 10 mins. Which are less than the other two heating systems. (2000 W and storage and convection). which take 15 and 17 min respectively.
  2. Also, the Infrared heating system can heat the room temperature to 22-23 C. Compared to up to 18.5 C for the other two systems.
  3. Moreover, the Infrared heating system has an efficiency 2 times higher than the 2000 W and storage and convection heating system.
  4. Therefore, the Infrared panel used half the energy. (50% less) of the storage heater. reaching room temp in almost half the time.
  5. The other advantages are low weight, small size, and no need for thermal bricks.
graph comparing temperatures

Results of the Study

Moreover, significant energy saving was shown by the combination of Jigsaw Infrared Heaters and Genius control systems. Comparatively, this demonstrated under controlled conditions. Where the infrared heaters can save up to 50% of energy over a storage and convection heater. Not only does this save energy. It also saves CO2 production. This saving can be increased with an addition of Jigsaw’s room detectors. In addition, the heaters do not switch on if there is no one present in the room.

Additionally, energy savings were being produced. Due to the different ways that the infrared heater works. Rather than heating the air using convection. The Infrared heater uses its radiation to heat the space and all the surfaces directly.

Likewise, the study demonstrated that both convection heater and storage heater could not raise the temperature in the room above 18ºC. Therefore, additional heaters need to be purchased to increase the room temperatures to a desired 19-21ºC. This would double the cost of the storage heater investment. Making it twice as expensive for them to be installed over the Jigsaw Infrared heater.

Jigsaw would like to thank all the staff at Aston University who conducted the testing and wrote the report.


See the attached document for the full study.

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