Infrared Heating Case Study – Apartment

Infrared Heating Case Study

Nobody tells it better than previous customers. This is the latest in our Infrared Heating Case Study series.

Let’s begin with the headline from our customer’s review.


Fantastic Product

We have just had 7 radiators installed in our Spanish property…


Property Details

North Facing

Previously heating with air conditioning and oil filled radiators.


Installation Details

We installed 7 of our UK manufactured aluminium infrared heaters to provide comfortable whole property heating.



Customer Feedback

1. What form of heating did you have before (electric convection, storage, etc)? 

Oil Heater and air conditioner heating


2. Are you referring to the kilowatts (kW) used to calculate the percentage saved?

Yes Kw


3. What is the best feature of the infrared heating?

Keeping the rooms at a constant temperature never too hot or too cold 


4. How do you use the thermostats? Are they left to a set temperature or turned up and down when you want them?

For the first 2 weeks set at 21 until the rooms warmed up.  Then we have them at 16 night and 19 morning and evenings. Keeps the house pleasant and hardly switches on through day and night just the peak times it switches on. It’s the same in UK. Our first 3 months was expensive to run as our home had been empty for a few years.  We have been in the house 3 years now and the house is always warm and very economical to run. 


5. Would you change anything about the product or the installation? 

For us personally everything is fine.  But to keep installation prices down would it be better to put in larger heaters. For instance we have 2 in bedroom.  Would one large heater do the same job. I’m glad we had them wall mounted and not on the ceiling. The bathroom ones are great on the ceiling though. 


Infrared Heating Case Study


Comparison in Customer’s Own Words

I have now done a comparison on January usage from this year against a previous January usage when we was in Spain

I’ve just looked at usage as we have changed suppliers last year therefore our bills are quite a bit lower than previous years.  

Also we have higher potential than most customers as we do use a lot of electricity, as we have 2 computers running most days. Hence I quoted % rather than cost. 

Bearing that in mind the usage for Jan this year is 824 over 38 days. Average per day  21.68

January before infrared usage was 1308 over 38 days. Average per day 34.43 


Percentage Saving

Infrared heating has saved this customer approximately 38% of their electricity bill.


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There will be a regular Infrared Heating Case Study posted over the coming weeks and months.

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