Jigsaw Infrared are a family business, giving professional infrared heating installation and support for your home.

We’re not like other Infrared companies. Our national team of infrared heating experts can help guide you to the perfect heating solution for your home. Helping you heat your home efficiently and cost effectively.

We give a very hands on approach to ensure you have the perfect infrared system for your home, with ongoing help and support to ensure you are making the most from your Jigsaw installation.

Whether you are just trying to find a single, stunning glass infrared heater for your home or are looking at having a full home installation of radiators and heating mats to completely revolutionise the heating of your home, Jigsaw Infrared are here to help.

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Our national team of infrared heating experts can help guide you to the perfect heating solution for your home. Helping you heat your home efficiently and cost effectively.

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The Jigsaw Difference

  • FREE planning service
  • Professional installation service
  • UK manufactured products
  • Customer support from start to finish
  • Premium range of infrared products
  • National team of infrared experts

Experience the Jigsaw difference, get a free quote and book your home visit on

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Family is at the heart of everything we do here at Jigsaw Infrared. We are a family business and like to ensure that our strong family values are clear in everything we do.We care about our customers and want to ensure that the products we offer add great value to your home and provide clean, green energy for you and your family for years to come.

Come in and meet the family

Glenn Billington

Glenn Billington

Glenn is a very proud father of his two sons Matt and Tim. He is CEO and the lead for Jigsaw and he is keen to ensure his sons develop and build a business that has strong family values. Glenn has the responsibility of overseeing the international company. He had a vision, which is now evolving and growing. He has the responsibility for the day-to-day control and the investments within Jigsaw Infrared. Supporting Matt and Tim is vital and Glenn intends to build on the early success of the business, continuing to establish a well respected team of experts within their chosen business field.

Matt Billington

Matthew Billington
Managing Director

Matt is the Director of Sales and Marketing within Jigsaw. Matt is known as the clever one within the family, the one with his Masters Degree and looking to build on the continuing success of our family business. He is responsible for developing and building the amazing range of products which Jigsaw have to offer. UK made and we’re proud of it! Matt is the liaison for new business partnerships who are looking to work with Jigsaw, aiming to increase the company structure, supporting our customers and professional partnerships. Matt brings a wealth of business skills and determination to the family Team!

Tim Billington

Tim Billington
Operations Director

Tim has been working on his own business for many years. Tim’s decorating & plastering business has crossed into the management of Jigsaw and is now one of the main pieces of the jigsaw. Tim’s goal is to support his father and brother, carry out the duties of operations director is a role where he needs to control day to day management of deliveries, supplies and installations. Ensuring everything works like clockwork! Tim has a fine eye for detail, while he calls it OCD everyone who knows Tim knows how professional he is. His aims are high and he expects the same of others.

6 Easy Steps To Installation

Your perfect energy efficient heating is only a phone call away


It all starts with a simple call or email. Get in contact with us. Call, message or email us and we will happily guide you through the process from start to finish.


Let's make sure you are getting the perfect heaters for your space. Send us your plans, take measurements or book a visit from one of our team members.


Now relax and our engineers will work on the calculations for the heating that your home or business requires and report back with the best options for you.

Planning & Selection

We will present you an easy to follow plan of theheating needs for your home or business. We then help you choose the ideal heater for each space.


Our team of professional Infrared Heating electricians will installation your new Infrared heaters and leave you in full control.


Our job is complete when you are 100% happy with our service and your new energy efficient home. We are positive that you will give great feedback.

Infrared Heating Made in the UK

At Jigsaw Infrared we are proud to offer a range of Infrared Heating that is made right here in the UK.

The design and development of these products ensures that they are of the highest standard. We have installed our range of heaters in homes and businesses around the world, but are always proud to say our products all come from home.  Care, design, precision, quality and choice are the reasons why we work with our supportive partners. Knowing that you can visit a factory to see the work and effort that goes in to the products being fabricated gives us a sense of pride in what we sell.

Our premium range of Glass and Aluminium Infrared heating out performs most other products on the market! Constantly developing products with feedback and ingenuity keeps Jigsaw ahead.

Made in the UK