Improving communal areas

Improving common flats

One of the things contributing to service costs are the communal areas. Whether heating, lighting, security or decoration, communal areas contribute a lot to both your service charge and the impression the building creates for those who live there and those who visit.

Lighting communal areas nicely is often something not thought about. However, a nicely lit, economically specified lighting for communal areas makes a huge difference. This is not just about the impression it creates, or the cost it saves but can also impact on the safety of both residents and visitors.

Improving common lighting

The worst type of communal lighting is lighting which is either on or off and uses inefficient lights – perhaps halogens or fluorescents.

A nicely designed lighting scheme will consider the quality of the light, the efficiency of the light (LED is the best option) and the control of that lighting. Generally, it’s not a good idea to have a cold light – a warm or cool white will generally work best in communal areas. As a general rule of thumb:

Warm to Warm white – communal areas, living spaces

White to Cool white – bathrooms, kitchens offices

Day White– Commercial spaces.

How do you know which is which? LED lighting will all have a Kelvin rating, which is the warmth of the light. The chart below gives an idea.

Having a cool white or day white in your communal areas will provide a very clinical feel and will highlight any decoration issues in those areas as well. This form of lighting, combined with motion sensor control provides a pleasant and efficient environment.

A nicely decorated communal area sets the tone and encourages residents and visitors alike to maintain the quality impression given. A simple decorative scheme will get the most out of the majority of communal areas. Regular maintenance of the decorative areas will ensure the space continues to look its best and encourage pride in the areas. The aim is for the communal areas to be as pleasant a space as possible rather than just a quick pass through area.

Improving your home with heating

improving common areas

Finally, we must consider how we heat these spaces to improve common areas. This is important for both comfort and maintenance issues. However traditional convection-based heating in communal areas can be a significant expense and a cause of unpleasant stuffy air and dust. So, what’s the solution?

Infrared heating provides instant heat and heats people and objects directly. This means that people feel warm as they move through communal areas without the need for the heating to be running 24/7.

Why is Infrared heating the best solution

At Jigsaw infrared, we combine our heating with smart controls which work on motion. The heating only comes on when it needs to be on, that is when someone is in the communal areas. On its own, infrared heating is around 30% more efficient than convection heating. However, when you use the heating when someone is in the communal space the savings are massive.

Improving your heating

Other benefits include the minimisation of dust. Since infrared heat does not rely on convection-based air flow to heat the space, the stirring up of dust in these spaces is minimised.

Black spot mould caused by spot condensation is also vastly reduced. Black spot mould is caused by condensation, which is caused by warm air touching cold surface. Since infrared heating warms objects and surfaces first, black spot mould can be practically eliminated in spaces heater with infrared. This means less re-decoration and a much most pleasant environment in communal areas.

Infrared heating can be hidden in mirrors or mounted on the ceiling and offer a real enhancement for both the decoration and comfort in communal areas.

We’re pleased to answer any questions you may have about this form of heating.

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