How do Infrared Heaters work?

How do infrared heaters work

As a leading manufacturer of smart infrared heaters, here at Jigsaw Infrared we get asked a lot of questions relating to the technology behind these smart infrared heaters. We are always happy to answer questions to help our customers understand the technology and see how infrared heating could provide a much more efficient and cost effective way to heat your home.

How does infrared heating work?

It is key to remember that Infrared Heating is very different to Convection Heating which is the water based heating system that has become so popular. The major difference between Infrared and Convection heating is understanding the different action within each system and why the impact that it has on the efficiency of the heating.

The main difference with convection heat and Infrared heating is that convection heat works with air particles by heating them. As the particles heat up they become lighter, forcing the heavier and colder particles to the floor. This then forms a circle of hot and cold air within a space. This convection heat circulation causes heat and energy loss and is the reason why the whole space needs to be heated, which is also very inefficient. Additionally, this is one of the main reasons for excess heat loss through out a house or commercial space. With convection heating, if you have a draught, or someone opens a door or a window the heat will be lost as the air is sucked out of the space, therefore the heating will have to start again and the whole space will need to be heated again. This is due to the air being heated and not a surface.

Infrared heat, by contrast, is not a fluid (like air) it is a wavelength, similar to that from the sun but without any harmful UV rays. Infrared heats the objects directly when it touches them. That object will then either absorb heat or reflect it to another object within the space. Infrared heat works in exactly the same way as our sun does, whilst this sounds very Science Fiction it is perfectly safe and it in fact it is often used to keep premature babies warm in hospitals and astronauts in space.

Infrared heat is stored in most of the objects in the room and also the materials and structure of the space. Due to this, Infrared heat is also far less prone to heat loss from draughts or open windows and doors and is therefore more efficient.

Benefits of Infrared Heating

As well as being an efficient way to heat your home, Jigsaw’s heaters also have added benefits:

1. They help ease allergens in the house/space – IR does not circulate air, therefore it does not circulate the dust and pollen that is part of the air.

2. Infrared heating has been scientifically proven to help circulation and blood flow.

3. Infrared Heaters reduce moisture in the space. Therefore, our heaters are fantastic at reducing black spot mold and damp. This is especially useful in bathrooms, conservatories, gyms and kitchens.

Benefits of Infrared Heating

Do Infrared Heating Panels Save Money?

In most cases infrared heating panels can save money. It is important to be realistic and to understand that they might not save money in every situation. Infrared heating has been scientifically proven to be around 30% more efficient than convection based heating.

Infrared Heating

When all of the various elements are considered and included in an operating cost calculation a good quality, well designed infrared heating panel will be the cheapest option to run to heat your space.

At Jigsaw Infrared we cater to both domestic and Commercial use. If there are further there are further questions that are not answered here please contact us.

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