Heating a Dental Surgery

Heating a dental surgery

Heating a Dental Surgery

Briar Meads Dental Surgery submitted plans to extend their property due to ever growing patient lists. Keeping their patients warm and comfortable was at the top of their list.

Jigsaw were approached to see if we could could up with a modern and practical heating system that could also run off existing solar panels.

Plans included two surgeries, office, lab, toilet and hallway. Rather than extend their gas supply and the need to update their boiler system, the decision was made to go for Infrared Heaters.

With the dental surgery already having existing solar panels on the roof of the building, this meant we were able to make use of this system by using infrared heaters.

A range of our products were supplied to meet the surgeries needs.

All of the treatment rooms have infrared mirror heaters. All of the other areas have ceiling tiles for discreet heating and safety.

They also had our thermostat systems installed for easy use. Find out more about our range of thermostats.

The heating system is so efficient that a suggestion was made by one of the contractors to circulate the warm air to the old part of the building.

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Heating a Dental Surgery Plans

Jigsaw Infrared Products Used

Heating a dental surgery 1000W mirror

 Infrared Heater Sirius Mirror 1000W in treatment room.

heating a dental surgery infrared mirror

Sirius Mirror 1000W Infrared Heater in surgery room.

heating a dental surgery Sirius Mirror 1000w

 1000W Sirius Mirror Heater in dental surgery.

heating a dental surgery Aluminium 400w Ceiling Infrared Heating

Ceiling Infrared Heating Panel 400W in room. 

Aluminium 400w Ceiling Infrared Heating

Aluminium 400W Ceiling Infrared Heating Panel in room.

Aluminium 400w Ceiling Infrared Heating

400W Ceiling Infrared Heating in bathroom.

The Benefits of Infrared Heating

Advantages of Infrared Heating Panels

Advantages of Infrared Heating Panels. Why is using infrared heating more efficient?

Cost Savings with Infrared Heating

Cost Savings with Infrared Heating

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