Health benefits of Infrared heating

Sun = IR heating

Does Infrared heating have health benefits and why?

The main question people ask about infrared heating is:

‘’Is infrared heating safe?’’

Infrared radiation is safe. It is 100% safe and natural for our bodies. This is asked frequently as the word radiation often scares people. We associate infrared with the suns Ultraviolet (UV) radiation causing damage to the skin. However, the only way that Infrared can cause harm is if you get so close that your skin becomes overheated or if you touch a surface. In simple terms, take the same precaution around any heated object.

Why is mould a danger to your health?

Black spot mould caused by condensation not only looks unappealing in your homes but can be quite harmful to the health. Prolonged exposure to mould in your homes can irritate your airways and develop into respiratory issues leading to sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash.  

Your heating may be to blame! The reason that mould is so difficult to get rid of is because it is held within the walls of your property. Convection heating is one of the main causes of mould as it heats the air directly and pushes warm air around the room. Therefore, causing condensation when it encounters cold surfaces. Whereas, using Infrared heating in any rooms (the primary room being a bathroom due to it being wet and cold) will eliminate your mould as infrared heating panels transmit waves that dry the walls from the inside out. Therefore, reducing condensation preventing the spread of mould.

health benefits of Infrared heating

How does the benefits of Infrared improve Blood circulation?

Proper circulation is key for maintaining optimal health. When blood isn’t flowing properly, your limbs will fluctuate in temperature causing muscle cramps. Consequently, poor circulation will lead to taking regular exercise and wearing socks of cotton or wool keeping your feet warm. When infrared heaters could be keeping you warm instead.

Convection heaters only really tend to heat up the surface of your skin, which is how dry skin is formed by not keeping your whole body warm enough. Infrared heating on the other hand, benefits your health by going below the surface of the skin, making your whole body lovely and warm! It helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress. Increasing the level of oxygen and nutrients to injured tissue in your bloodstream, warming up the blood vessels creating circulation around the body.

Health benefits of infrared heating

How does Infrared heating help with your allergies?

It may be a shock to hear, but your heating could actually be making your allergies worse.

Installing infrared heating panels could have a significant impact on your allergies and symptoms. This is not to say that your house could be dust free in anyway. Even the cleanest homes gather dust. Infrared heaters are by far the best heaters to choose if you suffer from allergies. Convection heaters constantly stir up air and dust, which can easily lead to irritation if you’re allergic to dust particles and dust mites as well as eczema which may cause discomfort. Infrared heating is the best option as objects are heated directly, eliminating the air movement so it does not generate air currents that can increase dust circulation. Moreover, to eliminate dust a wall mounted ventilator added to the IR heaters can provide an even healthier indoor environment efficiently.

healthy living with a better world

Long term health benefits

Better heating for a better world. Infrared is not only a benefit for your health in the short term but in long term retrospect it creates clean air, zero emission and a greener world.

So, when is the greenest time to use electricity?

Electric heating is the key. Infrared heating does not emit any harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide as they’re electric. Being electric means, they have a low energy usage. Therefore, creating a small carbon footprint, which means less environmental damage in the long run.

Blame the boiler. If your house is heated by gas, which most homes in the UK are. You’re losing 25% of your heat through your radiators, while a further 19% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from warming up other traditional heaters. Therefore, it will produce more heat so, more pollution will pass into the atmosphere. However, there is a way you can make your house more energy efficient. By installing a smart water system, you can save up to around 50% when compared to other heating sources as it will only operate 1% of water in the cylinder. So, you only heat when you need to.

In addition, to help with keeping low energy replacing your traditional heaters with quality aluminium heaters means they’re 100% recyclable. Compared to traditional heaters aluminium transfers the heat from the water to the air in the room faster than steel radiators. Therefore, saving on further energy again.


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