Get Rid Of Black Spot Mould

get rid of black spot mould

The Simple way to get rid of black spot mould

I think’ve we’ve all seen black spot mould like this in our homes. Particularly the bathroom. I bet you’re also fed up with spraying mould and mildew remover.

Read more to learn how to reduce or get rid of black spot mould in the home.

Black spot mould caused by condensation not only looks disgusting it can also be quite harmful to the health, releasing toxic spores into the air which are then inhaled.

Eliminating mould and damp from the home can be simple and cost effective.


What causes black spot mould and how can you go about eliminating mould in the home?

Condensation is the main reason for black spot mould in the home. It is caused by warm air touching cold surfaces.

Convection based heating warms air but doesn’t warm surfaces. This creates warm air touching cold surfaces. This creates condensation which then develops into black spot mould.

Here’s a guide on the action of convection heat and the action of infrared heat.

There can be various types of mould in the home, this interesting article about different types of mould in the home from the company Envirovent discusses the various types of mould that you may find in the home.

It is best to get rid of any mould growing in your home.

When you have eliminated the mould you can introduce preventative measures.


How can you stop black spot mould forming

To reduce, rather than eliminate the problem you need to ensure adequate ventilation and insulation. This will often leave the problem, though not of the same severity.

Perhaps only one room or wall is affected meaning that resolving ventilation issues is not going to be a cost effective way to fix the issue.

The way you heat the space has a huge impact on surfaces suffering with condensation and black spot mould.

Convection heating is one of the main causes of black spot mould. Infrared heating will greatly reduce / eliminate black spot mould.


Why does infrared heating stop spot condensation?

Infrared heats objects and people directly. Convection heats the air. Infrared heat does not therefore create an issue where warm air touches cold surfaces.

Far infrared heating panels can help reduce or eliminate black spot mould and make your home a healthier more pleasant place to live.

Our Aluminium Infrared Heater range has leading technology incorporated into the design and manufacture, which means highest efficiency rates and lowest possible energy consumption.


Aluminium Heater


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We prefer this type of bathroom – avoiding black spot mould…. (hint… the mirror is an infrared heater)


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