A Heating Transformation

No need to turn the heating on at lunchtime on Saturday to ensure everyone is warm enough on a Sunday morning.

Now, instant heat.

The custodians of the church were looking to improve their 1960’s infrared heating system with a modern, more efficient one.

The previous system was taking too long to warm the church up and caused the congregation to feel uncomfortable due to the location and power of the heaters.

Jigsaw were asked to supply and install a system which was more efficient and gave more control to zone the heating system.

Our installation reduced the total power requirements from 36kW to 24kW.

The whole heating system can be controlled independently throughout the zones.

The control system installed means the temperature of the panels under the balcony, the balcony, entrance and seating area can be controlled separately when required.

The church have found that they only need to turn the heaters on a couple of hours before the service to warm the whole area.

This is now saving the church a lot of money per year on their energy bills. So much so they are looking at installing throughout the rest of the building.



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