Family, Jigsaw infrared heating UK

Heats like the sun, cares for the planet

Our radiant, infrared heating solutions are very different from traditional convection
heating. It feels like being warmed by the sun because our solutions directly heat objects and people rather than the traditional less efficient way of heating cold air over time. Not only does this feel better for you, it works better for the planet as there is almost zero energy wastage and is virtually carbon emission free.

– Enjoy the feeling of being warmed by the sun
– Almost zero energy wastage and emission free

Easy Installation, Total Solution & Control

Our total heating solutions are as easy to install as they are on the eye, no mess, no fuss and no expensive plumber bills or unsightly pipes. More than a better way to fit, they provide you total control of your heating at your fingertips through an app or a wireless controller. Meaning you can control the heat in individual rooms or set up a zone.

– No fuss installation
– Total control at your fingertips

Savings on both costs and heat loss

Independent studies show that our radiant heating is at least 30% more efficient than convection heating which combined with minimal parts and zero maintenance makes it a better, more cost effective form of heating for our homes, commercial properties and community spaces.

– 30% more efficient
– Zero maintenance

Family owned, British made

We are a family business and proudly so, we set out to create a better way of heating that is more enjoyable, efficient and effective than other types and at the same time as being better for us all, it is also better for all our families futures.

By having all our solutions made in Britain, we can ensure that we are getting best in class, best in the world manufacturing.

– Family values
– British manufacturing quality

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Better. Guaranteed

With our heating solutions, we are committed to connecting us all to
something better. And with a 10 year warranty on all our radiant heating solutions, better is more than something we say. It’s something we guarantee.

– 10 year guarantee on all our solutions