Do Not Heat Empty Rooms

Do Not Heat Empty Rooms

In the world of efficiency it seems that sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked.

In the world of convection heating sometimes the most obvious things are not possible.

Enter infrared heating.

By now we all know that convection based heating, your traditional radiators, is inefficient.

Convection heat takes time to heat up a room. Control systems have been designed with this in mind. They often heat empty spaces.

Rooms are heated on the basis that they may be used. Not always the case.

Infrared heat is felt almost instantly. Infrared heats people and objects first.

Pair infrared heating with a sensor based control system and you'll improve efficiency dramatically.


How do we do it?

Our heating controls are smart, really smart. They consist of 3 parts.


1. The Hub

This is the “Brain-box” that stores your requirements for heating, then wirelessly relays them to infrared heating for the rooms you wish to heat.

Our Hub lets you connect your infrared heaters to the Internet and schedule them to turn on and off from any web device. Simply plug the Hub into your internet router and download the free app from the AppStore and Google Play. The Hub is powerful, storing your heating schedules locally and not relying only on cloud servers, this makes the Hub one of the most reliable on the market. If you need to change the heating times or temperatures, simply walk up to the device itself or take your phone/laptop and ‘override’ the settings.

The Hub communicates wirelessly, making installation quick and simple. All the equipment and cables you need are included. The Hub itself must be connected to our other control hub devices to be able to control your heaters; If you want to control each room individually, either simply add the relevant product from our store.

The Hub self-healing mesh network does not rely on your WiFi signal it runs on it’s own frequency of 868MHz. Separate from the 2.4GHz and 5GHz mobile and WiFi connections it is more reliable and will not interfere with existing wireless devices in the property.

Do Not Heat Empty Rooms

2. The Room Sensor

This device will accurately measure the temperature in a room, plus it can sense when you use a room, to pre-heat that room to your preferred temperature when you are there and automatically save energy when you are not.

Adding a Room Sensor to a room when you’re using the Hub to control your infrared heating enables you to see a more accurate measured temperature in the room as this smart little device also incorporates a temperature sensor. These are highly accurate and can be installed at chest height on an internal wall, so are not like the radiators which can often be behind sofas or curtains.

What’s even smarter than scheduling your infrared heating from your smartphone? Not having to schedule them at all! We call this Footprint mode or Sense mode. Adding a Room Sensor to a room where you’re using a Hub to control your infrared heating enables the system to learn when you normally use the room and automatically heat it ready for your arrival while also turning down your heating when you leave. The Hub will constantly readjust heating patterns to suit your changing lifestyle. This makes sure you’re always warm but never wasting energy.

You can see on the app when the room is used if you have the Room Sensor.

Do Not Heat Empty Rooms

3. The Electric Switch

This will wirelessly receive messages from the Hub to control infrared heater based on the measured temperature.

The Electric Switch is a stylish receiver unit that can switch up to 13A. These are used to control your infrared heater.

With a push button, the Electric Switch also has a manual override (boost) feature, the length of the override time being set by the number of presses of the button or it can be preset on the app. This gives manual control as well as being able to control the switch from the Genius app.

Control hub

The other important element of this system?

The heaters.

Do Not Heat Empty Rooms

Our heaters are designed to heat up really quickly - you'll feel the heat almost instantly. There's really no need to heat up empty rooms. Improve your efficiency and save your money.


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