Church Infrared Heating - Christchurch Oldbury

Church heating case study

Church Infrared Heating Case Study

Christchurch Oldbury was suffering from an old, inefficient gas heating system.

Their heating system broke down, leaving them with no way to heat the church and no means of keeping the congregation warm

The church couldn't afford to have the old, inefficient gas heating system repaired. They needed a new affordable heating system as soon as possible as winter was fast approaching.

They approached Jigsaw to see if we were able to help. Jigsaw was able to supply and install four high power heaters that could replace the old system and heat the main areas of the church.

Jigsaw was able to install the new heating system within a day and at a fraction of the cost.

The warm-up time is now moments instead of hours. The church have also noted that they have made significant savings on their heating bill. Now the church don't need to have the heating on hours before they use the building as the high power heaters supply instant radiant heat. 

Jigsaw’s electricians installed controls which are easy to use.

The feeling from the heaters is a clean and pleasant warmth that fills the area well. The hot air no longer rises. The congregation have been over the moon that they don't need to bring a blanket with them anymore. 

The church are so happy to use the infrared heaters that they now move all their furniture so they can have their coffee mornings underneath them. The playgroup that they run each week are happy the children can now play without their coats on. The children and parents even enjoy their weekly snacks and drinks under the radiant heat. 

Church Infrared Heating System

Heating system in situ

Infrared heating system

High powered heaters


Instant Radiant Heat


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