Church Heating – Problems / Solutions

Church Heating

Churches are difficult buildings to heat. An understatement perhaps, church heating is a challenge to most.

Old buildings, huge spaces, poor or no insulation. People sitting still. Not a great combination.

Many churches are using ancient boilers together with a radiator based system of some description. This is both difficult to maintain and hugely expensive to run.


Church Heating Problems

  • Large spaces to heat
  • High maintenance costs
  • Very high running costs
  • Long heat up times (resulting in more wasted money)
  • Inefficient and old heating systems


I’m sure you’ll recognise most, if not all of those problems. The problems are often magnified when the church is not in regular use. Often the heating needs to be turned on a day or two before the planned use. This is neither economically or practically very sensible.

One of the first things to be considered is how the church wants to use heat. What are the sizes of the spaces that need to be heated? Is it one large space, or lots of smaller spaces?

How often is heat needed in the church, is it consistent? Is the demand occasional?


Considering the best heating solution

Aim for a reduction in the church’s carbon footprint.

Low maintenance.

Responsive and flexible heating. The ability to heat individual spaces without heating the whole building.

Reduce distributed heat loss – the heat lost from uninsulated heating pipes.

Increase comfort and reduce running costs.

Consider the lifetime cost of the new heating system. Capital outlay, running costs, maintenance costs etc.

Avoid the creation of condensation.

Minimal impact to the fabric of the building.

Reduction in the running costs, whilst also improving comfort levels.


Expertise in Church Heating

We’ve heated more than one church and know that every church is unique.

Developing a heating system perfect for your church and needs is what we do.

References and case studies are available for you.


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