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Be efficient

Jigsaw Infrared aluminium panels in situ - printed and white panels

Having a warm workspace is the answer to having a happier workforce. However, we all know that heating your workplace doesn’t come cheap! The majority of workspaces nowadays rely on heating using radiators or air conditioning units which do get the job done, but as we all know they cost the earth and consume a great amount of power. These methods of heating are inefficient as they heat the air around the workplace which is then wasted when someone enters and exits.


So…how do we prevent wasting heat and how does it actually work?

Far infrared heating is a more effective way of heating the workplace and is a modern, innovative and cost effective way to do so. Sounds great doesn’t it!

Far infrared heats people and objects directly when it touches them. That object will then either absorb the heat or reflect it to another object within the space. Infrared works in the same way as the sun does without the harmful rays. In fact we often use infrared heat to keep premature babies warm in hospitals and astronauts warm in space. Objects, materials and structure of the space all store infrared. Infrared heat is also far less prone to heat loss from draughts or open windows and doors and is therefore more efficient which in turn will save you money.


What benefits can infrared heating provide?

  • As infrared heat does not circulate the air it then does not circulate the dust and pollen that is part of the air. This helps ease allergens in the house/space which can help hay fever and asthma sufferers.
  • Physiotherapists use infrared heat to help circulation and blood flow.
  • Moisture content in the air is reduced therefore reducing black spot mould and damp.
  • Our infrared heaters heat a room quicker than convection heating literally in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea your office will be nice and warm.
  • Our panels are silent so your workers can focus and concentrate and not have to listen to irritating sounds from your old heating system.
  • You will feel the heat instantly so you don't need to wait for your workspace to heat up, so no keeping your winter coats on!


Should I heat my office with Jigsaw Infrared panels?

The answer is yes! Most employees spend around 8 hours a day at work and keeping them warm is a necessity not a luxury. But it doesn’t need to cost the earth. By switching to Jigsaw Infrared Panels you are not only providing warmth but a healthier and cost effective way on heating your workspace. They don’t have to be an ugly addition either, here at Jigsaw we have a unique range of aluminium and glass heaters to choose from and you can create your own bespoke design. Our heaters can be either ceiling or wall mounted with our simple and elegant mounting system.


Be efficient

Jigsaw Infrared white aluminium panel in situ

Let your cold workspace be a thing of the past - start saving money with our infrared heating panels - the most cost-effective way to heat your workspace.

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