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Infrared Heating Spain

Infrared Heating Spain - A Case Study

The owner of a modern villa in the Alicante area of Spain approached us to help them with heating their property. They only had air conditioning units which were proving very expensive to run and not very effective.

Jigsaw added a number of additional heaters throughout the villa including the new extension that had been added. This meant the clients could use all the rooms throughout the colder months.

The key benefits of using infrared heating in Spain over the air conditioning unit is that the infrared does not move the air as any other convection heater does. This means, the air stays cleaner and the villa stays warmer for much longer. The customer can now fully control each heater independently. Therefore creating a warmer environment and saving money in the long run.

Tailored Infrared Installation

Each of the images are taken from recent installations. The images are an example of the range of heaters that we have to offer. 

To the right, the large panel can heat the whole room evenly. The warmth produced heats the surfaces in the room. This means that there are no cold spots.

The printed aluminium panels are available in a range of sizes and wattages. We also have mirror or glass panels available. They can also be combined with a number of optional features. These include thermostats with touchscreen and remote controls so you can adjust the temperature of the room from the comfort of your sofa.

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Spain Infrared Heating
Alicante Spain Case Study

Recommended Measures

To deliver energy efficiency, reliability and a high level of comforting heat to every part of the villa, infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

Comforting Heat: Firstly, infrared technology heats objects rather than the air. The result is that panels deliver a much greater level of comforting heat. 

Installation: Secondly, they are easily integrated with the current electrics. All cabling is hidden away and fully mounted safely.

Reliability: Next, the infrared panels require zero maintenance in comparison to typical convection heaters and boilers as they have no moving parts. 

Repair: Finally, in circumstances where maintenance to the property may be required, the panels can simply be unplugged from the wall and plugged back in after repairs. 

Infrared Heating Installation

A number of infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

Lounge: Premium printed aluminium 1000W panel.

Bedrooms: Premium printed aluminium 1000W panels.

Bathroom: Glass infrared heater 1000W.

Hallway: White aluminium 400W ceiling panel.

The whole installation was completed in 2 days - because we used the existing wiring, there was minimal disruption. 

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Alicante Spain Case Study
Spain Infrared Heating

Results with Infrared Heating

The new heaters have achieved the owners goals of a simple but effective heating system. This now offers a higher level of efficiency and comfort for their property. Since the conversion, the owners have said the heating is much more controllable and efficient. The use of the panels has been problem free and no maintenance issues have been reported. 

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About us

Infrared heating is the core of Jigsaw Solutions. We believe we should not be a slave to our home heating systems. Infrared lets us take back control. We also don't need to put the panels in the same places as the radiators. They can be put in many places such as where you would hang a mirror or picture, or even on the ceiling.

As with all our quotations we offer tailored packages with a large range of products to suit a variety of needs. We can completely replace your current electric or water based system or add a single heater. Whether this will be a "Grand Design" or a single room, we can offer a quotation service for all our clients needs.

Our team of installers are professionally trained and have the correct qualifications to install your new equipment. We also guarantee that we will leave your home spotless.

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